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Designed with you in mind, whether you are a PA or PR professional, a journalist or an MEP, EUssentials is your digital compass to navigate the EU institution jungle.


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Up-to-date contact details for all MEPs and Commissioners including responsibilities, social media, cabinet members, spokespersons and more. We also have a handy list of all the upcoming EU Presidencies.

You name it, we have it.


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Subscribe to the latest EU policy updates on the topics that matter to you.

Follow key MEPs and get notifications when they post news online.  Receive updates from Commissioners.

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Want to know when the next EP plenary session is? Update your calendar and schedule your meetings.

Don’t get lost anymore! Get directions to any institution building in Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg.


We are a multidisciplinary public policy and public relations agency. We bring a collaborative approach to government relations, advocacy and communications in order to anticipate and manage our clients’ issues and reputation.

We’re committed to applying the very best thinking and delivering results that matter.

We have partners across Europe and beyond. Cambre is part of the independent SEC group and a member of IPREX.

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